Also this year the panel of judges selected the most original bands from the applications submitted. On 19 September, the chosen few will each be given 30 minutes on a professional stage at the Dampfzentrale Bern.

For this event, contact information is mandatory. Please register in advance with a cell phone via
Without registration & official identification (identification required) we cannot grant admission.

We strongly recommend protective masks & Swiss Covid-App for this event. Masks are available at the entrance.
The safety distances can be reduced. Participation is at your own risk. Please avoid physical contact outside your own group of guests.
In case of confirmed corona cases during this event, quarantine can be imposed on all visitors.

Take a look back at 10 years of Shit & Schein:

In the second part, Milena Patagônia finally makes her appearance, the first conflicts in the jury come to light, Michael Spahr makes fun of Luca Hänni and Till breaks the attic:

The third part tells the story of the metal band Lucid Lucifer: Performed on the first Shit & Schein ten years ago and thrown out of the backstage, they became known with their soundtrack to the Scandinavian hit series “The Bridge” and have been touring Finland ever since.

Why did Lucid Lucifer leave Switzerland to find happiness in Finland? How did lead singer and bass player Groph make it from the rehearsal room in Bümpliz to the festival stage in Helsinki? And why did the former lead singer Pädu decide to leave the band ten years ago? The fourth and last part of our series answers these questions. Of course, not without vigorously dissipating the Swiss mediocrity …

Lucid Lucifer has a mess. Groph, the current singer, has retired to a dark room in Finland. Pädu, the former singer, sued the band. He says the hit song “Dissolution of Mind” was his, Groph denies it. But neither of them wanted to be in front of the camera.
So we brought Michael, Milena, Roger and Till back and asked what the stand is and who wrote this song?

(Look to the end!)