Does this sound familiar? You go to a contemporary dance performance, sit down on the bleachers full of expectation and excitement, and leave the hall at the end invigorated. Sometimes you still can’t decide finally if what you saw made any sense. And you keep asking yourself if the other audience members experienced the same piece that you did or what the dancers and choreographers were thinking.

Contemporary dance draws from the present, is controversial and emotional. That is where it gets its strength. Our agency platform offers a broad pallet of formats that give you the opportunity to discuss your expectations for a piece, your insights, feelings and confusion or get to know the artists behind the works.

Art education for the evening programme

  • «You are not alone» – open discussions before and after performances
  • Audience discussions with the artists after performances
  • Introductions to classical works
  • Short introduction at the bar tables in the foyer
  • Live Blogs on performances with texts and images
  • Workshops with artists

Art education for schools

  • School performances
  • Workshops with artists as preparation for school performance (in schools)
  • Moderated discussions with the artists after school performances
  • Visits to rehearsals
  • Guided tours of the Dampfzentrale Bern

For dance professionals, we offer

  • Consultation in questions about arts education
  • Support in drafting educational dossier
  • Information on dance opportunities in the Bern region

The placement platform Tanz Bern was founded in 2010 by the Dampfzentrale Bern in collaboration with the Reso – Dance Network Switzerland and with the support of Pro Helvetia as well as the educational direction of the Canton of Bern.

For additional information and to register please contact Alessandra von Aesch:
+41 (0)31 310 05 40

Voyeure Bern – The Club for Watching Theatre

Since November 2013, the Voyeure meet every Thursday in Bern and explore the theatre landscape together. The group consists of 15- to 30-year-olds who critique, observe and discuss. Whether in the Dampfzentrale Bern, in the Stadttheater or in the Schlachthaus – they watch because it’s fun.

Would you like to join them in their theatrical explorations? Would you like to have a critical discussion about what you have seen? Would you enjoy discussions with age mates between 15 and 30 and theatre people? Then you need to join the Voyeure Club!

The Voyeure support the platform for Communication and Dance, Bern.